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Tampa, FL

“The lead lists SeeResponse produced prove critical to improvement of outbound campaigns. Providing effective and quick results, SeeResponse delivers valuable contacts and is a reliable partner.”

Samyr Qureshi | Co-Founder & CEO


Knack is an online tutoring platform enabling higher education institutions to supplement existing academic support services and create a more personalized, equitable, and accessible support experience for every student at scale: from freshman through senior year. The company has been featured on and Forbes, and won the 2019 Lumina Prize for Education Innovation.

The Problem

Knack Technologies needed to increase their exposure with other companies. They wanted to reach certain leaders within the colleges and higher education institutions that they were selling to, and worked with SeeResponse to help identify those contacts. Knack wanted to have a clean email and lead list to reach out to the decision makers directly in order to increase their contacts of potential leads.

How SeeResponse Helped

SeeResponse delivered clean lead lists that allowed Knack to identify contacts that were up to date and ones that were most likely to respond to their service offering. These proved to be highly valuable for Knack’s outbound campaigns and really helped them grow their bottom line and increase sales. The quality of delivery is pretty strong. There’s a lot of services out there that claim to have good quality and communication loops and feedback and turnaround time, SeeResponse has been pretty consistent it that way. So the speed of delivery, the cost, and overall experience with them is been really great.