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SeeResponse is a full-service email marketing agency focused on using email marketing as a growth strategy for our clients. We work hand in hand with your in-house team to ensure you’re able to leverage the strengths of both sides, innovate, and continue to grow. Ride on our expertise and knowledge to discover new ways of expanding your software and internet business.

SeeResponse is one of the top email marketing companies in the United States. We are proud to be recognized by Clutch as a Market Leader in the Email Marketing category on their Leaders Matrix.

How to approach Email marketing? Do it right. Do it with the best.

We focus on delivering successful email campaigns on your behalf – campaigns that help engage prospects, drive traffic and sales, and retain customers. And we don’t just help you execute email programs. We bring innovation to your email marketing and provide strategic recommendations to make it a revenue-generating channel for your business.

What’s included in our Email Marketing Services?

SeeResponse is an email marketing company that manages end to end operations of your email business. We work as your email marketing consultant to create and develop campaigns that always open newer ways to engage your audience and customers. Our email marketing team is very hands-on and works with you to develop, improve, and expand your email channel through segmentation, personalization, and advanced targeting. We understand the latest email marketing trends, most advanced technologies, various privacy laws, and own proven methods to build scalable email campaigns, including the whole of strategy, automation, fulfillment, and reporting & analytics. Our email marketing service includes collaborating with the client to understand project scope, come up with an email strategy, and define requirements around campaign management, segmentation, and list management.

Why choose SeeResponse over others to avail of Email Marketing Services?

We’ll make sure together we can accomplish extensive campaign creation plans and data management processes across all your marketing systems, and produce integrated, cross-channel marketing campaigns, using the marketing cloud of your choice. Work with our team of email marketing specialists to create all kind of campaigns: welcome automation, cart abandonment, marketing promo messages, cold email campaigns, prospect marketing campaigns, customer win-back campaigns, and more. Our focus is an approach that’s centered around driving results and outcomes coupled with marketing automation, email best practices, and metrics-driven thinking.

Our email marketing specialists work with you to build email programs that have a significant impact on your revenue.

We put a considerable focus on list quality when we do our list pulls and segmentation for email marketing — through a process that’s uncomplicated yet refined. Our team also helps you manage the Email Service Provider (ESP) relationships and your email marketing budget.

Our creative and dynamic email marketing team runs targeted email campaigns to your customer segments and working with our designers and developers, you get to create emails that are responsive, beautiful, and high-performing. And at the same time, we ensure all your emails successfully render for all types of users and browsers. Our email marketing consultants help you design and develop emails using HTML, CSS, and proprietary scripting languages based upon the requirements, and provide recommendations for campaign optimization. We work on the day-to-day execution of your email programs, administration, reporting, and optimization of the email campaigns across the entire buyer journey of your target customers.

Email Marketing Agency that’s driven by MarTech

MarTech is the driving force behind all our campaigns and thus as an email marketing agency, we put a disproportionate focus on it. Our team has deep experience running email campaigns with various email software and tech stacks, including HubSpot, SendGrid, MailChimpActiveCampaign, Campaign Monitor, SendinBlue, Aweber, and more. Product launch, client engagement, automated drip campaigns, and newsletters are some of the many email programs that we run and manage for our customers. Developing and optimizing email marketing programs is our team’s passion, and this passion makes us one of the best providers out there and an industry leader in this space.


Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to generate qualified leads. But for great email marketing, you need a high-quality copy — well informed with the right voice. A great B2B email is simple, readable, highly personalized, and speaks to its audience. It should also create a sense of urgency and has a clear and concise call to action (CTA).

Email marketing tools are the software or apps that marketers use for email marketing. They allow for campaign planning, delivery, and reporting. Some popular email marketing tools are ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, SendGrid, Aweber, Drip, and HubSpot.

Not just an Email Marketing Agency. But an Email Evangelist.

When you work with SeeResponse, you work with an email marketing thought leader. And that’s because of our strong understanding of the modern email communication practices, our best in class email services, our team’s hands-on experience on all major email software, and our knowledge of the various email regulations, including the CAN-SPAM act.

But above all, it’s and our passion and ability to create robust email programs that work every time for all kinds of businesses — big or small. Though we strive for campaign effectiveness and efficiency, in principle, we are in the business of building strong, long-lasting relationships over emails.

Our Email Marketing Services

  • Email Strategy Development
  • Email Marketing Software Setup
  • Email Creative, HTML & Responsive Design
  • Email Built
  • List Segmentation
  • Campaign Creation & Delivery
  • Editorial Calendar Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Marketing Automation Setup
  • Custom Reporting & Optimization Recommendations

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