EduTech. SaaS platform for Schools and Children Services Providers.

Berkeley, CA

“I find SeeResponse’s flexibility and willingness to adapt remarkable. I don’t know exactly what combination of tech and human wizardry they are using to find leads, but I do know that the results are impressive.”

Kate Van Cleef | Sales Engagement Specialist


Curacubby is a SaaS platform that helps schools and children’s service providers save time and money by optimizing back-office functions and enabling e-payments for their consumers. Their mission is to increase the operational efficiency of schools by providing the ease of online account management and payments through a simple tool, helping schools better serve their community of children and parents.

The Problem

Curacubby had tried a number of vendors to help them with lead generation but the results were very disappointing. They even resorted to doing lead generation entirely in-house, and it was proving to be an unsustainable solution. They needed a partner that can deliver good quality leads on a consistent basis.

How SeeResponse Helped

SeeResponse delivered at least 500 viable leads per week, and that number is rising fast as Curacubby’s sales team grows. SeeResponse worked with a complex list of parameters and suppression requirements and has always been able to deliver the agreed lead volume on the batch’s deadline by the agreed due day. Through a process where Curacubby orders large batches – two or three thousand leads– and have them delivered piecemeal over the course of a few weeks, they get quality leads that they can use right away.