Multi-patented Web Platform for the Audio Engineering Industry.

Santa Clarita, CA

“The workflow was very effective. We hired them for finding email addresses and email marketing and the outcome has been fairly successful. They delivered clear results and were very kind throughout the process.”

Daehee Lee | CEO


GoldenEarClub is the first web service solution for the professionals working in the music and audio engineering industry. The musicians and audio engineers can keenly manage their auditory capacity and hearing sensitivity through this self-administered hearing care platform. Their goal is to enhance your hearing sensitivity by using a proven Threshold Sound Conditioning™ Technology.

The Problem

GoldenEar had a necessity of reaching out to the audio and sound engineers in the United States market that they were selling to, and engaged SeeResponse to help us identify those contacts and also be able to have a clean email and lead list to reach out to them directly. They looked at many different vendors but from pricing to communication to responsiveness was what really helped them select SeeResponse.

How SeeResponse Helped

SeeResponse identify and delivered audio industry contacts that were up to date and ones that were most likely to respond to GoldenEar’s product offering. The lead list that SeeResponse built allowed GoldenEar to run campaigns very efficiently at scale. This resulted in them able to engage potential customers, include them in their sales pipeline and have them convert to paying customers. The quality of delivery was pretty strong and timely.