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Scott Nelson

“I’ve been blown away by the services of SeeResponse. They are very knowledgeable and took the time to really understand my industry and needs to help me successfully achieve my goals.”

Scott Nelson | Co-founder


Joovv is the leading manufacturer of professional-grade, red light therapy devices with a patented modular designed for convenient use in the clinic, spa, or comfort of your own home. It comes with seven different sizes, customizable setups, and is the most clinically-powerful light therapy on the market. Joovv devices are trusted by pro sports teams, Olympians, and world-class trainers & gyms for proven performance and muscle recovery benefits. A wide variety of clinics and health practitioners incorporate Joovv as a safe, natural joint pain & inflammation treatment. And tens of thousands of individuals use their Joovv devices to comfort their own homes every day.

The Problem

Joovv had the necessity of identifying and reaching out to the spa centers, Aesthetics centers, Medical Centers, Health and Wellness Centers in the United States to sell their red light therapy devices. Email communication is vital to any successful brand, but Joovv didn’t have the resources or expertise to do it in house. Joovv believed that creating, developing, and sending emails is an extraordinarily complex and time-intensive task. Joovv looked at many different vendors, but from pricing to communication to expertise was what helped them select SeeResponse.

How SeeResponse Helped

SeeResponse identified valid contacts that were up to date and were most likely to respond to Joovv’s product offering. SeeResponse built and ran email campaigns very efficiently at scale. This resulted in them engaging potential customers, including them in their sales pipeline, and converting them to paying customers. The quality of delivery was pretty reliable and timely. The ROI has been extraordinary and the revenue earned from email has increased by 36%. The list hygiene and sender reputation quality control was also managed very efficiently by SeeResponse. Today we have a healthy and engaged subscriber base, and the business impact is immense. Workflow is flawless, I think their crew lives on Basecamp and is always available.

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