Mukesh K. Singhmar

Mukesh K. Singhmar / February 06, 2019

Get More Bang for Less Buck with Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing

In a world where people are becoming more and more intolerant to a sales pitch, inbound marketing is one of the best ways to generate leads and turn them into customers.

Inbound marketing means attracting customers through creating content that will be useful and informative for the people. Content is the core thing when it comes to inbound marketing. And by content, I mean creating meaningful and valuable content and not just anything to post on your website.

It does not matter whether you are doing promotions on social media or are writing blogs unless you have content that would actually be helpful for the audience you want to attract.

Inbound Marketing

Marketers usually face similar problems:

  • Not getting enough traffic
  • Content not helping produce any leads
  • Getting leads that are not a good fit

So, what do you need to do or what are you doing wrong that your tactics are not panning out the way you thought they would?

The answer to these questions revolves again around content. Maybe you need to create more content or maybe you need to change the way you are putting the content online.

First things first

Ask yourself what kind of leads you want to generate and what kind of audience you are trying to attract. You need to be absolutely sure about what is it you do and what kind of people can you help through your work. Your website or pages on other social media platform should specify your work.

The content on your website should provide a clear picture of your work or product and who you are for anyone visiting it. There’s no scope of confusion when it comes to defining your business because if you know what you are selling, the visitors will also know whether you’ll be of any help to them or not.

Attracting the wrong kind of leads will only waste your time and nobody wants that. Your content should have relevant keywords so that you could be easily found by potential customers. Keywords are an important aspect of creating valuable content so you need to pay special attention to this detail.

Focus on your USP

Other than clarity you need to focus on your unique selling point. What does your brand provide that other rival businesses can’t? There’s so much competition outside and surely you don’t want to blend in with the rest of them, right?

You need to stand out and for that, you should be aware of what makes you different from others that are in the same business as yours. If you can’t find anything that will make you stand out, you definitely need to up your game and put in more efforts to provide your leads with something that others can’t.

Unique selling point

Now that you are aware of how to present yourself better through your content, you might be creating a lot of it to publish on different platforms. Next step should be taken from the buyers’ side, right? But sometimes that gets problematic as well because of the way you might be approaching the creation of content.

Enter content strategy

Do you have a lot of content that is being put online but despite all that effort you are not generating enough leads? The option here is to change your content strategy. Find more interactive ways to put out content so that potential leads find it hard to not give you a chance. Maybe trying to reach people through extensive and long ebooks is not the right approach now.

There’s a serious lack of time in almost everybody’s life, so they probably won’t read your 20-25 page long ebook. Heck, even you might not read something that is bulky and long since last 6 months. Some other options include spreading your word through videos, surveys, quizzes etc. These interactive and creative ways will make your content more consumable and you will see an increase in the traffic that gets to your website.

While making a video or going for other options may seem harder than writing a blog, you’ll find that it’s actually easier than you think and when you’ll see that people are engaging more with your business all the effort will be worthwhile.

The surveys and quizzes that you’ll conduct online will also give you an idea about the type of people that are interested in your business. You will be able to know more about what these potential clients want from you, how they expect you to help them and that in turn will help you know what you need to do in order to convert your leads into customers.

Marketing Survey

Taking into account what the personas want is a key ingredient to create irresistible content. You will only be of help to any person if you provide the service that they are looking for. Also, by knowing about the personas you can structure your content around them and on the basis of how they want to be helped. This will definitely generate more leads for you.

Now that you might be getting more leads and would be working towards converting them into customers and prospects you might need to check out your competition and think about ways how you can beat whoever is at the top of the business. That could only be done by creating more valuable content in a more consumable way than them.

Creating good, engaging, interactive content is difficult. There are so many things to pay attention to and let’s face it you can’t be expected to do to everything on your own. So, there are a lot of tools online that you can use to make sure whether you are doing everything right or not.

Tools for stuff like A/B testing, keywords, buttons for notifications for different things, etc. These tools will provide accurate stats for all the input that you put in and all the output that you get.

With these inbound Marketing techniques, you can improve your business performance without spending a fortune on marketing.


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