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Mukesh K. Singhmar / May 30, 2024

AI-Powered Email Marketing: The Key to B2B Sales Success

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How Do You Use AI in Email Marketing to Increase B2B Sales?

Struggling to attract new customers? Looking for ways to boost your B2B sales? There may be many reasons your business isn’t performing well or generating leads. Email marketing could be one of them.

Achieving a satisfactory number in B2B sales can be tough. This is because the B2B audience is sophisticated; they make decisions after a thorough evaluation. So, you must put extraordinary efforts to achieve the desired results.

Email marketing, when done professionally, can do wonders. 71% of B2B businesses regard email marketing as one of the most effective ways to attract clients and convert leads into sales. With the advent of artificial technology, devising an effective email marketing plan has become a lot easier. You can personalize emails for different classes of audiences in significantly less time, keep track of the performance, and more.

This blog post will discuss how relying on AI tools can help you increase your B2B sales.

What AI Tools Can Do to Improve Email Marketing Efforts

AI-powered tools can simplify your email marketing strategies. According to a survey by Statista, over 73% of marketers use AI in their marketing campaigns, a number that is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years.

You can do more work in less time and spend that saved time on things that matter the most. AI tools can offer assistance in the following ways:

Personalizing Emails for Different Classes of Audiences

Always remember that people are more likely to respond to emails that address their pain. To achieve this, analyze your target audience to understand their needs and personalize your emails accordingly.

If your business targets different service providers but uses the same email template for all, it’s time to stop. Using a generic template can do more harm than good. Instead, segment your audience into different groups to effectively address each group’s needs.

Manually segmenting your audience can be daunting and prone to human error. This is where AI tools come in. They can perform this task with exceptional accuracy and efficiency.

Generating Informative Yet Persuasive Email Content

Your email content is crucial. A dull, uninformative email won’t yield good results. You need to craft informative and persuasive emails to increase conversions, striking the right balance between being informative and compelling. Doing this manually can be challenging.

AI tools excel at this. Trained on vast datasets, they generate convincing and impressive content consistently. Simply give them a detailed prompt, and you’ll get quality email content quickly. Many B2B businesses have succeeded with AI-driven email marketing solutions, and you can, too.

However, relying solely on AI isn’t ideal. Adding your manual input will make the content more appealing and humanistic. Also, ensure your prompt is detailed and engaging to achieve the best results.

Example Email:

The following email is the result of both human and AI efforts. It smartly addresses the pain points of an e-commerce website and uses the right wording to encourage them to hire SEO services.

Dear Ms. Johnson,

I hope all is well at FunZoneOnline. My name is Alex, and I specialize in helping online retailers like yours boost their visibility through search.

I wanted to share a success story about our client, Toy Haven. Like FunZoneOnline, they had been in the online toy market for over five years but noticed their traffic and sales had plateaued. They were steady but not growing as they had hoped.

When optimizing their site, we identified several small issues holding them back, such as slow mobile load times and untapped keyword opportunities. After implementing our recommendations, their organic traffic doubled within six months.

What impressed me most was how many new customers found Toy Haven through search. Parents discovered them while searching for toys online rather than defaulting to the big retailers.

I understand the challenge of wanting to reach more parents, especially with the holiday season approaching. Imagine FunZoneOnline capturing a larger share of the online toy shopping market.

I’d love to offer a complimentary site audit to identify potential “opportunity areas” for FunZoneOnline. It could lead to a significant traffic boost with just a few adjustments. Let me know if you’re available next week for a quick chat.

Best regards,
RankHigh Solutions

This email content can help attract more clients, increasing your B2B sales.

Measuring Recipients’ Response

This is probably one of the key aspects of email marketing. It involves analyzing and measuring the behavior of your recipients. If you overlook this aspect, your email marketing efforts may not have fruitful results.

When you are well aware of such insights, you are more likely to devise a better email marketing strategy. There are many AI email marketing tools, like Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, Seventh Sense, Drift, etc., that you can use to see if your efforts are paying off.

Improving Deliverability Rates

Artificial technology can improve email delivery rates to some extent. Employing AI-based spam filters and deliverability solutions can go a long way toward increasing open rates.

These AI solutions thoroughly analyze outbound messages to make sure they are not flagged as potential spam by email platforms. Not only that, these tools also offer assistance in optimizing subject lines for maximum engagement.

A 2023 Barilliance study found that 64% of email recipients look at the subject of an email line first to decide whether or not it’s worth opening. This shows how important are subject lines. You can get multiple suggestions for the subject lines and choose the best one using an AI email tool.

Testing and Boosting Campaigns

Marketers often test different email designs and strategies to determine what works best. Numerous AI tools available today can facilitate A/B testing on CTAs, subject lines, and content, helping identify the highest-converting options. Incorporating AI solutions simplifies the A/B testing process.

A/B testing eliminates guesswork and enables data-driven decisions. It significantly improves your email’s open, conversion, and click-through rates, ultimately boosting B2B sales.

Popular tools for email A/B testing include MailChimp, Benchmark, Optimizely, and ActiveCampaign. Evaluate these options to find the one that best meets your needs.

Integrating with other Tools.

When integrated with other tools and platforms, email marketing can do wonders. You have all the relevant data in one place, making it easier to make wise decisions.

Integrating your email marketing with an AI CRM system (Customer Relationship Management) will prove beneficial in simplifying your marketing efforts and achieving desired results. The following are a couple of key advantages of integrating your email marketing with AI CRM system:

Improved Customer Segmentation –When an AI CRM system is integrated with your email marketing, segmenting your customer data is easier. You can classify your audiences based on their purchase history, demographics, and responses. This will help you send targeted emails promoting relevant stuff.

Better Lead Conversions—You’ll be notified when a customer enters your sales funnel. Your integrated system will initiate a series of emails to guide them about your services or products. This will help build trust in your brand and convert leads into sales.


AI email marketing can elevate your campaigns and significantly boost B2B sales. By personalizing emails for different audience segments, AI ensures that all pain points are effectively addressed. It also helps craft informative and persuasive content, increasing engagement and conversions.

Furthermore, AI-driven email marketing can analyze recipient responses to identify areas for improvement. With AI email marketing, you achieve more in less time, substantially impacting the B2B market.


Is There a Chance AI Can Replace Manual Email Marketing Efforts?

Although AI-powered tools and solutions are really helpful for adding automation to email marketing tasks, many experts don’t recommend relying solely on such tools. The AI systems still need direction from marketers on tasks like defining target segments, crafting compelling subject lines and calls to action, and keeping tabs on results to optimize campaigns accordingly.
The takeaway is to take AI solutions and software as an assistant that helps streamline marketing efforts. Marketers add the crucial human touch and can refine strategies based on performance data provided by AI tools. Both human and artificial intelligence create a perfect combo to achieve bigger.

Is it okay & safe to use 3rd party AI email marketing tools with customer data?

That’s a good question. Reputable AI tools prioritize data security and privacy. Look for tools that clearly state they adhere to regulations like GDPR. Also, check for SSL encryption, limited staff access to data, logging of data access and changes, use of hashed passwords, and optional use of your private servers.
Leading tools also undergo independent security audits. However, there is always some risk in sharing data externally. You may want to avoid sharing sensitive financial info. And make sure to scrub contact lists of unsubscribed users periodically. With the right tools and security practices, the benefits of using AI generally outweigh the minimal risks.

What’s the average time to see positive results from AI email marketing?

Well, it depends on how well you utilize AI tools and software. However, if you put in good efforts, you may begin to see some early indications within the first month as you refine your segmentation, content, and messaging with the help of AI. But most experts recommend giving it at least three months of regular, consistent campaigns to judge effectiveness truly. In that timeframe, you’ll send several emails, capture open and click data, and make adjustments and optimizations based on performance.

After three to six months, you should notice improved click-through, conversion rates, and overall ROI. Building an engaged subscriber list and learning what resonates best takes time. Most marketers notice considerable improvement within 6-12 months of consistent efforts and dedication.

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