SeeResponse customer Samyr Qureshi, Co-Founder & CEO at Knack Technologies, an edutech platform describes how working with SeeResponse has helped their business. He talks about the impact that grabbing right leads at the right time from the right organizations can have on your sales pipeline and revenue.

Knack is an online tutoring platform enabling higher education institutions to supplement existing academic support services and create a more personalized, equitable, and accessible support experience for every student at scale: from freshman through senior year. The company has been featured on and Forbes and won the 2019 Lumina Prize for Education Innovation.

What We Did

We helped with their outbound sales and edutech marketing efforts. Knack wanted to reach out to certain leaders within the organizations that they are selling to and engaged SeeResponse to help identify those contacts and also be able to have a clean email and lead list for them to reach out to them directly.

We identified contacts that were up to date and ones that were most likely to respond to Knack’s service offering. The goal really was to help them grow their bottom line and increase sales through campaigns that’d drive prospects to a demo or meeting in an automated and efficient way.

The Result

Knack is now able to run their edutech marketing campaigns very efficiently at scale. We established processes that allowed both teams to move quickly but at the same time ensured that these processes are clean and clear, and so the data received can be inputted into our CRM very easily. And we’ve been able to engage potential customers, include them in the pipeline and many of them have converted to become paying customers as well.