What are Tags?

A piece of HTML code that tells a web browser how to render an element on a web page. Tags are the workhorses of HTML and provide structure to this otherwise plain-text programming language. In the early days of the web, tags were used for layout purposes, but modern web design relies on CSS to keep content and layout separate. HTML tags and hashtags are unrelated.


In a social media platform like Instagram, users can add tags, also known as hashtags, to their posts to make them discoverable to other users interested in similar topics. For instance, a user posting a photo of a beautiful sunset may include tags such as #sunset, #nature, and #photography to categorize the post and make it visible to users searching for content related to sunsets or nature photography.

In this example, tags help organize and categorize content on the social media platform, allowing users to easily find and explore posts based on their interests or preferences.

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