What is a Referral?

When a website sends traffic to another website. Tracking referrals can help you understand how people find your website without using a search engine. For example, if you put links to your website in your social media posts on Facebook and Twitter, these sites would be listed as a source of referral traffic. Referrals can also come from websites that post news articles, reviews, and other industry-relevant content.


An example of a referral is when a satisfied customer recommends a restaurant to their friends or family members. Suppose a customer had an excellent dining experience at a local restaurant, enjoying the food, ambiance, and service. They may tell their friends about the restaurant, urging them to visit and mentioning specific dishes they enjoyed. This word-of-mouth referral can influence others to try the restaurant, potentially leading to new customers and increased business for the establishment. Referrals are powerful marketing tools because they come from trusted sources and carry a higher level of credibility and influence than traditional advertising or marketing efforts.

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