What is Psychographics?

Your target audience values, beliefs, and behaviors that are relevant to your product or service. Like demographics, psychographics can help you segment your audience into highly relevant subgroups. That way, you can tailor your messaging and get better advertising campaign results. Psychographics give you a peek into the minds of your customers so you can communicate more effectively.


A marketing team conducting psychographic research may segment its target audience based on factors such as lifestyle choices, hobbies, and beliefs. For instance, they may identify a segment of environmentally-conscious consumers who prioritize sustainability and ethical purchasing decisions. By understanding this group’s values and interests, the marketing team can tailor their messaging and product offerings to align with their concerns, such as promoting eco-friendly products or highlighting the company’s commitment to environmental stewardship in advertising campaigns. This targeted approach increases the likelihood of resonating with the specific psychographic segment and driving engagement and loyalty among environmentally-conscious consumers.

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