What is Native Advertising?

A type of online advertising that takes on the form and function of the platform it appears on. Its purpose is to make ads feel less like ads and more like part of the conversation. That means it’s usually a piece of sponsored content that’s relative to the consumer experience, isn’t interruptive, and looks and feels similar to its editorial environment.


Consider a travel website that features articles and guides about popular destinations. Within the content of an article about “Top Beach Destinations,” sponsored posts from a sunscreen brand are seamlessly integrated into the article. These sponsored posts provide valuable tips on sun protection while traveling and include links to the sunscreen brand’s website for purchase. Despite being promotional in nature, these sponsored posts match the overall theme and tone of the article, offering relevant information to readers while subtly promoting the sunscreen brand. This type of native advertising allows brands to reach their target audience non-intrusively, enhancing user engagement and brand awareness.

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