What is Mobile Marketing?

With mobile search queries officially surpassing desktop queries, now is probably the time to explore mobile marketing. What is it? Mobile marketing refers to the practice of optimizing marketing for mobile devices to provide visitors with time—and location-sensitive, personalized information to promote goods, services, and ideas.


Consider a restaurant chain using mobile marketing to attract customers and drive sales:

  1. Mobile-Friendly Website: The restaurant chain ensures that its website is optimized for mobile devices. Its responsive design provides a seamless browsing experience for users on smartphones and tablets. Customers can easily access information such as menus, locations, hours of operation, and online reservations from their mobile devices.
  2. Mobile App: The restaurant chain developed a mobile app that allows customers to view menus, place orders for pickup or delivery, make reservations, and earn loyalty rewards. The app provides a convenient and personalized experience for customers, encouraging repeat visits and engagement.
  3. SMS Marketing: The restaurant chain implements SMS marketing campaigns to send promotional offers, discounts, and special deals directly to customers’ mobile phones. For example, they may send out text messages with limited-time offers for free appetizers or discounts on meal combos to encourage customers to visit their restaurants.
  4. Mobile Advertising: The restaurant chain invests in mobile advertising campaigns to reach potential customers while they are browsing the internet or using mobile apps. They may run targeted ads on social media platforms, mobile search engines, or popular apps to promote new menu items, seasonal promotions, or upcoming events.
  5. Location-Based Marketing: The restaurant chain utilizes location-based marketing tactics to target customers based on their geographic location. For example, they may send push notifications or mobile coupons to customers who are near their restaurants, enticing them to stop by for a meal or offering a discount on their next visit.
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