What is the Middle of the Funnel?

This refers to the stage that a lead enters after identifying a problem. Now, they are looking to conduct further research to find a solution to the problem. Typical middle-of-the-funnel offers include case studies or product brochures — essentially anything that brings your business into the equation as a solution to the problem the lead is looking to solve.


Let’s consider a software company that offers project management software. Here’s how they might engage with prospects in the middle of the funnel:

  1. Educational Content: The software company creates in-depth guides, case studies, and webinars that provide valuable insights into project management best practices, tips for optimizing team collaboration, and real-world examples of how their software can streamline workflows.
  2. Product Demonstrations: The company offers live product demonstrations or interactive virtual tours of its software to showcase its features, functionalities, and user interface. Prospects can explore the software in action and see how it addresses their specific pain points and requirements.
  3. Free Trials or Samples: The company provides free trials or samples of its software, allowing prospects to test drive the product and experience its benefits firsthand. This gives prospects the opportunity to evaluate the software’s suitability for their needs and assess its usability and effectiveness.
  4. Consultative Sales Approach: Sales representatives engage with prospects in one-on-one consultations or discovery calls to understand their unique challenges, goals, and requirements. They provide personalized recommendations and solutions tailored to the prospect’s specific needs, building trust and rapport in the process.
  5. Lead Nurturing Campaigns: The company implements lead nurturing campaigns using email marketing and marketing automation to stay top-of-mind with prospects and provide them with relevant content and resources. This includes sending targeted emails with case studies, testimonials, and success stories to reinforce the value proposition of the software.
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