What is a Microsite?

Microsites are a cross between a landing page and a website. Marketers use them when they want to create a different online experience for their audience, separate from their main website. These sites often have their own domain names and distinct visual branding.


Let’s consider a sports apparel company launching a new line of running shoes. They create a microsite dedicated solely to promoting and showcasing these running shoes. The microsite includes:

  1. Product Information: Detailed descriptions, images, and videos of the new running shoe models, highlighting their features, technology, and performance benefits.
  2. Interactive Tools: A virtual shoe fitting tool or quiz that helps visitors find the perfect pair of running shoes based on their preferences, running style, and foot anatomy.
  3. User-generated Content: A section where customers can share their running experiences, testimonials, and photos of themselves wearing the shoes, creating a sense of community and social proof.
  4. Educational Resources: Articles, blog posts, and how-to guides on topics such as proper running form, injury prevention, and training tips, providing valuable content for runners.
  5. Social Media Integration: Links to the company’s social media profiles and user-generated content tagged with relevant hashtags, allowing visitors to engage with the brand across different platforms.
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