What is Marketing Collateral?

Digital or print materials that accompany a primary advertising campaign. Before the internet, collateral‚ was practically synonymous with brochures‚ that supported traditional TV commercials, such as a savings account brochure from your local bank branch. Common digital collateral includes websites, landing pages, and banner ads.


A small business selling organic skincare products may use marketing collateral such as:

  1. Product Brochures: A printed brochure showcasing their range of skincare products, ingredients, and benefits.
  2. Sample Packs: Small sachets or travel-size samples of their products are distributed at events or included with online orders.
  3. Digital Lookbook: An online catalog or lookbook featuring high-quality images and descriptions of their products, accessible on their website.
  4. Social Media Graphics: Engaging visuals and infographics shared on social media platforms highlighting the benefits of their products and promoting special offers.
  5. Customer Testimonials: Quotes or reviews from satisfied customers featured on their website, social media profiles, or in email newsletters.

These marketing collateral examples help the skincare business attract and engage potential customers, communicate the value of their products, and ultimately drive sales.

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