What is a Long-Tail Keyword?

A long-tail keyword is a targeted search phrase containing three or more words. It includes a head term, which is a more generic search term, plus one or two additional words that refine the search term.


Short-Tail Keyword:

Keyword: “Running shoes”
Long-Tail Keyword:

Keyword: “Best running shoes for flat feet men”
In this example:

The short-tail keyword “Running shoes” is broad and generic, targeting a wide audience interested in running shoes.

The long-tail keyword “Best running shoes for flat feet men” is more specific and targeted, addressing a particular subset of the audience – men with flat feet looking for recommendations on the best running shoes suited to their needs.

While the short-tail keyword may attract a larger volume of traffic, the long-tail keyword is likely to attract more qualified users who are closer to making a purchasing decision, resulting in higher conversion rates. Therefore, businesses often incorporate long-tail keywords into their SEO and content marketing strategies to capture niche audiences and drive relevant website traffic.

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