What is a List Broker?

A business specializing in sourcing contact lists that direct marketers can rent for an email or marketing campaign. List brokers typically have access to a huge variety of lists and existing relationships with list owners. They also have expertise in recommending the best lists to use based on your target audience, brand, and marketing goals. In exchange for you renting a list, the list broker typically charges a commission, which the list owner pays for.


Let’s consider a real estate agency looking to acquire leads for potential home buyers in a specific geographic area. They can engage the services of a list broker to obtain a targeted list of contacts who meet their criteria, such as individuals who have recently shown interest in purchasing a home or who have specific income levels and demographic characteristics.

The list broker leverages various data sources and techniques to compile a customized list of leads meeting the real estate agency’s requirements. They may gather data from public records, online databases, surveys, and other sources to ensure the list is accurate and up-to-date.

Once the list is compiled, the real estate agency can use it to launch targeted marketing campaigns, such as email marketing, direct mail, or telemarketing, to reach potential home buyers and promote their services effectively.

In this example, the listing broker plays a crucial role in helping the real estate agency acquire high-quality leads, enabling them to streamline their marketing efforts and maximize their chances of attracting interested home buyers.

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