What is a Lead?

A person or company who’s shown interest in a product or service in some way, shape, or form. Perhaps they filled out a form, subscribed to a blog, or shared their contact information in exchange for a coupon. This is a critical aspect of the digital ecosystem, offering numerous examples and case studies that illustrate its application across different industries and scenarios.


Consider a scenario where a software company offers a project management tool. Here’s an example of a lead:

Name: Sarah Johnson
Company: ABC Corporation
Email: sarah.johnson@example.com
Action: Sarah visited the software company’s website and signed up for a free trial of their project management tool. She provided her contact information and expressed interest in learning more about the software’s features and capabilities.

In this example, Sarah is a lead because she has demonstrated interest in the software by signing up for the free trial. The software company’s sales and marketing teams can now follow up with Sarah, provide additional information, and nurture her through the sales funnel with the goal of converting her into a paying customer.

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