What is JavaScript?

A type of doance measurement companies use to check an employee’s or an activity’s success. Marketers look at KPIs to track progress toward marketing goals, and successful marketers constantly check their doance against industry standard metrics. Examples of KPIs include CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost), blog traffic sources, and homepage views. Choose KPIs that represent how your marketing and business are doing.


// JavaScript example: Creating a simple function to calculate the area of a rectangle

// Define a function named “calculateRectangleArea” with two parameters: “length” and “width”
function calculateRectangleArea(length, width) {
// Calculate the area of the rectangle using the formula: length * width
var area = length * width;
// Return the calculated area
return area;

// Call the function “calculateRectangleArea” with arguments 5 (length) and 3 (width)
var rectangleArea = calculateRectangleArea(5, 3);

// Output the result to the console
console.log(“The area of the rectangle is: ” + rectangleArea);

In this JavaScript example:

  1. We define a function named ‘calculateRectangleArea’ using the ‘function’ keyword. This function takes two parameters, ‘length’ and ‘width,’ representing the dimensions of a rectangle.
  2. Inside the function body, we calculate the area of the rectangle by multiplying the ‘length’ and ‘width’ parameters.
  3. The calculated area is stored in a variable named ‘area.’
  4. We use the ‘return’ statement to send the calculated area value back to the caller of the function.
  5. Outside the function, we call ‘calculateRectangleArea’ with arguments ‘5’ for the length and ‘3’ for the width. The function returns the area, which is then assigned to the variable ‘rectangleArea.’
  6. Finally, we output the result to the console using ‘console.log(),’ displaying the message “The area of the rectangle is: ” followed by the calculated area.
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