What is the End User?

The person who uses a product or service. If you make T-shirts, the person wearing your shirt is the end user. If you make websites, the person who hires you is your client or customer, and the person using the website is the end user.


Here’s an example to illustrate the concept of an end user:

Consider a software company that develops a mobile banking application. In this scenario:

  • The end users are the individuals who download and use the mobile banking app on their smartphones or tablets.
  • These end users include customers of banks or financial institutions who want to conveniently check their account balances, transfer funds, or pay bills using their mobile devices.
  • The success of the mobile banking app depends on factors such as its usability, security features, and functionality, all of which directly impact the end-user experience.
  • By gathering feedback from end users, the software company can identify areas for improvement and enhance the app to better meet their needs and preferences.
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