What is Direct Marketing?

Direct marketing is marketing that is delivered directly to the customer via the company selling a product. It is often called direct response marketing. Direct marketing typically includes a call to action (CTA) requesting a desired response, such as calling a phone number or visiting a website to learn more and buy the product. Email marketing and direct mail marketing are two common types of direct marketing.


An example of direct marketing is when a company sends personalized email newsletters to its subscribers, providing them with updates on new products, exclusive offers, and upcoming events. These emails are tailored to each recipient based on their preferences, purchase history, and engagement with previous emails.

For instance, a clothing retailer might email a customer who has previously purchased women’s apparel, showcasing new arrivals in that category and offering a discount code for their next purchase. This personalized approach helps engage the recipient and encourage them to take action, such as visiting the retailer’s website to purchase.

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