What is the Conversion Path?

A conversion path is a series of website-based events that help lead capture. In its most basic form, a conversion path will consist of a call-to-action (typically a button that describes an offer) that leads to a landing page with a lead capture form, which redirects to a thank you page where a content offer resides. In exchange for their contact information, a website visitor obtains a content offer to help them better through the buying process. If you still have difficulty grasping the topic based on this description, feel free to absorb it as a rabbit-hunting analogy in comic form.


For example, a user discovers a product through a Google search.

Their conversion path might look like this:

  • They click on a search ad for the product.
  • They visit the product page on the website but don’t make a purchase.
  • They subscribe to the website’s newsletter to receive updates and promotions.
  • They return to the website a few days later after receiving a promotional email and make a purchase.

In this example, the conversion path involves multiple interactions (clicking on an ad, visiting the website, subscribing to the newsletter) before the final conversion (making a purchase) occurs. Understanding and optimizing the conversion path can help businesses improve their marketing efforts and increase conversions.

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