What is Classified Advertising?

Ads appearing on the same page and grouped into categories in a list-like format. Common categories are real estate, home services, clothing, and cars. Compared to display ads, classified ads usually don’t have images alongside the ad copy – and they are less expensive. They can be a cost-efficient advertising tactic for reaching people who are interested in a category relevant to your product or service. Classified ads also lend themselves naturally to localization.


For example, in a local newspaper’s classified section, you might find listings for items such as used cars for sale, rental apartments, job opportunities, and services like tutoring or pet sitting. Each advertisement typically includes a brief description of the item or service, contact information for the advertiser, and sometimes a price or other relevant details. Online classified platforms like Craigslist or Gumtree operate similarly, allowing users to post and browse classified ads in various categories.

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