What are Breadcrumbs?

In web design and user interface, breadcrumbs are navigational aids that show the user’s current location within a website’s hierarchy of pages. They typically appear near the top of a webpage and display the path the user took to arrive at the current page, making it easier to navigate back to higher-level pages or categories.


For example, let’s say you’re browsing an online clothing store. You start by navigating to the “Men’s Clothing” category, clicking “Shirts,” and selecting a specific shirt product page. At the top of the product page, you might see breadcrumbs like this: Home > Men’s Clothing > Shirts > [Name of the Shirt]

These breadcrumbs provide a clickable trail back to each higher-level category or page, allowing users to navigate back to the “Men’s Clothing” or “Shirts” category easily if they wish.

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