What is a Brand Image?

How your customers perceive your products, services, and company. This is ultimately something you can’t control. But the goal of raising awareness of your brand, making better recognition, nurturing favorability, and winning affinity is to grow market share. A solid brand identity and relentless brand management are 2 keys to success.


For example, consider Coca-Cola. The brand’s image is built on qualities like happiness, refreshment, and nostalgia, stemming from its long history, memorable advertising campaigns, and ubiquitous presence in popular culture. When consumers think of Coca-Cola, they may envision moments of joy shared with friends or family, or they may associate the brand with iconic imagery like the Coca-Cola polar bears or the classic red-and-white logo. These associations contribute to Coca-Cola’s positive brand image and influence consumers’ perceptions and preferences for the brand.

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