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Why your business needs Google Ads

Out of all the PPC networks out there, Google Ads is the biggest one by far, and the one most businesses should focus advertising on if they want to gain access to thousands of publishers and advertising placements.

Running Google Ads campaigns is one of the best ways to invest your marketing and advertising budget. Google Ads campaigns allow you to:

  • Improve brand awareness
  • Generate sales
  • Reconnect with potential customers
  • Stay competitive

Improve brand awareness through Google PPC

Running ads through the Google Ads network is a great way to improve brand awareness and stay top of mind. Think about it – having your ads pop up every time people search for products or services related to your industry will increase the chances of your business being the first thing that comes to mind the next time they need to make a purchase.

Google PPC Ads — Generate sales on demand

Google Ads advertising is one of the easiest ways to generate sales on demand and boost your business’ revenue. Once you get your advertising strategy right, you’ll have no problems generating sales for years to come. Google Ads provides you with a way to reconnect with your potential customers by displaying your ads to people who’ve visited your website in the past. Since these people have already shown interest in what you have to offer by visiting your website, they’re more likely to become customers. Targeting these people is a great way to get an excellent return on your advertising spend.

PPC Google ads can be leveraged to stay competitive. Due to the popularity of the Google Ads network, it’s likely that most of your competitors are already running ads on there. If you want to stay competitive and stop losing out on sales to your competition, you should start using Google Ads as soon as possible.

SeeResponse Local is your expert Google Ads partner

We’ve planned and executed hundreds of Google Ads campaigns for our clients, providing their businesses with a reliable source of revenue. Our Google Ads PPC management service really starts with building a robust PPC strategy for you. We develop a custom advertising strategy for your business that takes into account your goals, target audience, and budget. This will involve pinpointing the exact audiences and keywords to target, as well as determining a bidding strategy.

Google PPC Ad creation and landing page design

A high-performing ad is a combination of excellent targeting, ad copy, and bidding strategy. Creating such an ad is both a creative and a technical endeavor. We’ll handle all aspects of the ad creation process for your campaigns and ensure that your budget is spent on high-converting ads that provide you with the best return on your advertising spend.

Having a great ad isn’t the only requirement for a successful Google Ads campaign. It’s also crucial to have an optimized landing page that aligns with your ad messaging and the objective of your ad campaign. We’ll create all the landing pages for your ads, making sure to follow all the best practices to create high-converting landing pages.

Google PPC campaign management

Google Ads campaigns are far from a “set it and forget it” type of deal. They require constant monitoring and frequent adjustments to stay profitable. You’ll be assigned a dedicated account manager that will monitor your campaigns and perform optimizations continuously to ensure optimal ad performance.

Google PPC ad performance reports

Most of our clients state that transparency is what they value about our agency the most. We strive to show our clients what we do and how we do it, and make sure to keep them regularly updated on the results of their campaigns. Every month, we’ll send you a report outlining ad performance for the month so that you’re able to understand the return on investment you’re generating through your Google Ads campaigns.

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Google PPC (or Pay-per-click) is an online advertising model which is offered by Google through its Google ads (formerly Google AdWords) program. It helps advertisers drive visitors to their product or services offer landing pages and website, and advertisers are charged when a vistor clicks an ad.

Google Ads or PPC advertising is one of the fastest and easiest ways to drive sales and revenue for small local businesses. It gives you location targeting options which means that if your customers in your local area are searching for products and services that you offer, you can show ads to them taking them to your website or can have them call your business.

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