Sheena Rijwani

Sheena Rijwani / August 11, 2019

10 Tips to Grow Your Email List

Email Marketing List Tips

Email is not dead. You and I both know it. We often check our emails throughout the day. Now with the ease of accessibility through mobiles, email users checking emails have gone up to 3X


Though we do not write emails to our friends and family anymore, it is 86% of professionals’ preferred mode of communication for any kind of business and knowledge sharing. Statistics show that email marketing generates 3,800 percent ROI!

In this post, we will share 10 simple, actionable tips on how you can organically grow your email list. 

Ready to grow your email list?

Tip #1. Your Website Design

What: Your website is where your leads are most likely to connect with you. A website is an important tool for your business.

The website must sport a clean and hassle-free look. 

Website Design

Why: A clean website will enable your audience to easily find the desired information. 

How: Check the contemporary websites of your industry, and of competitors. 

Audit your website. Analyze the differences. Identify the areas for improvement. Make the changes. And see the difference.

Tip #2. Use an Email Software

What: When we talk about the email list, we do not mean the email list of your friends and family. We are talking hundreds and thousands of prospect emails. 

Why: You will not be able to manually manage them, especially when your list grows rapidly. Email automation is the way forward.

You need to know who is signing up, who is leaving and what are their demographic details, which type of content motivated the lead to sign-up. 

How: You must use a proven email service.

There are a bunch of great email marketing automation tools out there to choose from.

For instance, using an autoresponder software where emails are triggered automatically after a user fills out an online form. The email marketing automation software will send out relevant offers to your prospects at the right time—when they’re most interested in hearing about them.

Use of an Email

Tip #3. It is Always About Content

What: It is only content, the problem it solves, and the way it connects with the audience that acts as the linchpin. It moves your audience further down the sales funnel.

Content Creation

Why: People signing up with emails indicate commitment. And they commit only when they see the value. 

How: Conduct secondary research to find out the type of content being offered by your competitors. 

Can you provide the same in a better way? With a better voice and more value? Through a better medium? 

For example, if you can transform a complicated whitepaper into an easy-to-digest, compelling infographic, your audience would love it.

Tip #4. Segment Your List by Buyer Persona

What: You need to segment your email list based on criteria like gender, age, race, preference, etc. 

Why: You cannot write the same content for everyone. The segmentation will enable you to craft precise emails for each homogeneous group or stage of conversion. 

How: HubSpot can help you easily set up segmentation and organize your contacts.

Tip #5. Ease of Signing up with Email

What: Will you ever go about hunting for a link to sign-up with your email on a website? 

Why: The average attention span today is 8 seconds according to a recent study by Microsoft.

How: Make email signup easy with well-timed pop-up forms and sidebars so that no opportunity is missed.

Signing up of email

Tip #6. Weave Your Lead Magnet, Landing Page and Email Sign-Up

What: When your lead magnet content drives your audience to a landing page, ensure that the call to action motivates the audience to sign up with their email. 

Why: Because the whole objective of a lead magnet is to generate leads and draw in prospects.

How: Provide a simple sign-up form. 

Do not ask for too many details. 

Name, gender, email address, and preferably age group would be enough.

Tip #7. Premium Content Access Through Email Sign-up

What: Suppose you provide an amazing free course on your website. If you give the first chapter free and then request your audience to sign-up and access the rest of the course; 90% of the time they will join. 

Why: This serves two purposes.

  1. You will get a sign-up/lead.
  2. You will know what works and what doesn’t.  

How: Set up a webform to sign-up after sharing part of your content asset and induce the lead to sign up.

Tip #8. Set Expectations Upfront

What: Your audience signing up with their email addresses must know what will be served as a result. 

What type of content will they receive? How often? 

How will the content benefit them?

Why: As Simon Sinek says, it is always about the ‘Why’. Why should your audience sign up? 

Knowing the why or the benefit of signing up creates trust and a positive response. 

How: On the thank-you page, state something that reassures them that they’re in for something valuable, something to look forward to. For example:

“Thank you for signing up. We’ll be sending you our best B2B marketing advice every week.”

Tip #9. Make Irresistible Offers

What: Everyone responds better to offers, something free, something extra. If the email subscription promises to give 50% off on a course, more people are going to sign-up.   

Why: It creates a sense of gaining the value of that “something more” and the prospect ends up feeling elated.

How: Offer your audience a clear inducement in return for sharing their email address. 

It could be a cheat sheet or link to a webinar, to download a poster, or even a template.

Tip #10. Promote Your Website on Social Media

What: Social media is connecting people like never before. If your email marketing strategy does not include social media promotions, you are going to lose out vastly.

Why: People do not know you or that you exist.

They do not know your website. 

One way to apprise them about your existence is through social media mentions, posts, and videos. 

Website Promotion

How: Use an image, upload a video and invite people to swipe up, and draw them to the landing page to sign up.


If you do these 10 things, you sure will be able to grow and improve your email list at a much better rate and you will be in a much better position to reach out to a potential and motivated pool of leads primed for conversion.

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