Sheena Rijwani

Sheena Rijwani / June 01, 2022

How to Leverage Email Marketing for Your Sales Team?


Are you looking for a foolproof way to complete your sales targets? Are you tired of missing out on bonuses because you couldn’t complete your KPIs? Well, email marketing is a strategy you and your sales team can always depend upon. 

What is Email Marketing? 

Simply put, it is a digital marketing strategy in which marketing messages are communicated over emails. Email marketing is one tough cookie that has stood the test of time. It was and always will be a fruitful strategy for salespeople. 

If you think email marketing is dead, the following points might just make you a convert. 

Why does Email Marketing Matter? 

According to Campaign Monitor, email marketing has a Return On Investment (ROI) of 4,400%. This means that for each dollar spent, an email marketer earns $44 in return. That’s pretty impressive if you ask us. 

Apart from a high ROI, email marketing is beneficial for your sales team as;

It mimics a one-on-one conversion.

If you’re a devoted salesperson, you would know that direct selling is the most powerful strategy you could adopt. Why does it work? It is hyper-personalized, and the chances to convince prospects are high. 

But with Covid-19 and business costs on the rise, direct selling is not always the easiest thing to execute. Email marketing is here to help as it mimics direct selling and facilitates a one-on-one conversation between sellers and buyers. 

It is permission-based.

What makes email marketing so profitable is that it’s not intrusive. People who receive emails from you are people who have willingly consented to. With that being said, you should never buy or rent mailing lists as it can backfire big time. 

When your prospects have subscribed to you themselves, they’re in the mindset to consume marketing messages and, hence, make a desirable decision. 

It appears legitimate. 

Salespeople are often given a bad name because people think they will make false promises only to sell you a product. However, that’s seldom the case. Emails are the perfect channel for selling since it appears legitimate and credible.

All dubious emails are already sent to the spam folder, so your audience can relax knowing they’re getting emails from trustworthy sources. 

How to Use Email Marketing for Your Sales Team?

Since now you’re convinced of how powerful email marketing can be, let’s take a look at how your teams can use sales email templates to leverage their email marketing;

  1. Offer promotions in welcome emails. 

Welcome emails have an open rate of 91.43%, as per Hive. This is interesting to know because the average open rate across all industries is 25.85%. 

Since welcome emails mostly get opened, it makes perfect sense to offer exclusive discounts or promotions to prompt a sale. You can term it as a gift to thank your audience for subscribing to your mailing list. This starts things on a positive note and gets your prospects in the habit of buying from you. 

  1. Send follow-up emails.

Your prospects are busy people, and to top it off, they receive countless emails. How do you ensure your emails get read? By sending effective follow-up emails

According to Woodpecker, email campaigns with a single follow-up email convert 22% more prospects. Just ensure you’re not frequently sending these emails, and they contain information valuable to your prospects. Only then can you expect a reply (and dollars) from them. 

  1. Personalize emails to the maximum.

We had mentioned before that email marketing appears personalized. But there are strategies you can adopt that will skyrocket personalization and sales. 

You can address your audience with their first name, include dynamic content that shows relevant email messages to different groups, and send targeted offers by segmenting your audience. 

Sending one email to your entire audience about launching a new clothing collection will drive fewer sales than sending targeted emails featuring clothes fit for people of different genders, interests, and weather conditions. 

  1. Offer incentives in abandoned cart emails. 

Oftentimes people place items in their shopping cart and then simply leave. This may be because they are unsure or simply forgot to purchase.

You can turn this almost purchase into a complete one by sending abandoned cart emails. The latter is more effective when you offer free shipping or a limited-time discount. Not only do such emails act as a subtle reminder, but they give prospects an added push to buy from you. 

  1. Use holiday email marketing. 

Holidays are a fun time for everyone, even more so for email marketers because they can bag some extra sales and revenue. 

According to Omnisend, 1 in 8 people who clicked on a Black Friday and Cyber Monday email made a purchase. Other holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, and Back to School season provide a lucrative opportunity to make lots of sales via emails.  

Just make sure your emails are designed for the holiday in focus and promotions are catered around it. For instance, offering a couple’s discount on Valentine’s Day makes perfect sense. 

  1. Launch a loyalty program.

While you should reach out to new prospects, you must also strengthen relationships with existing customers. Through emails, you can effectively execute a loyalty program.

Suppose a salesperson on your team successfully sold the product you’re selling to your customers. The latter will then receive a thank you email along with an invitation to join your loyalty program. Once a part of your program, the customer will receive points or discounts every single time they make a purchase. 

When you reward customers for their purchases, you directly encourage them to repeat this behavior in the future.


There you have it – this article discussed the different email marketing strategies you and your sales team can adopt. Make sure to experiment with your email design, copy, and sending times to benefit from email marketing’s true potential. 

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